Centerpoint School, 1911

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The comments to the right of the names, in parentheses, belong to my grandmother, Hilma Johanna Alexanderson Larson. The genealogies under some of the names, were compiled by me, Teresa Stewart Sitz, Hilma's grand daughter. These genealogies are not intended to be definitive.


1 Earl Powell
2 Ralph McCoy
3 Oscar Rice
4 Chester Carl Alexanderson,
    b. 26 NOV 1903, Riverside, Humboldt County CA, d. 9 MAR 1980, Springfield, Lane County OR
5 Conrad York (deceased)
6 Emmett McGuire
7 Albert William Alexanderson
    b. 8 MAR 1900, Eureka, Humboldt County CA , d. 16 FEB 1973, Eugene, Lane County OR
8 Elmer McCoy


Elmer Perry Buffington (Mar 17-56 deceased)
    b. 15 DEC 1904, Caldwell, Canyon County ID; d. 17 MAR 1956, Boise, Ada County ID
Joe Smith
Bertha Lida Buffington (Albert said Lottie was Inez's age)
    b. 28 MAR 1906, Dixie, Canyon County ID; d. JUN 1971, Ojai, Ventura, CA
Ida Ellen Buffington (Ford)
    b. 16 SEP 1901, Parma, Canyon County ID; d. 8 APR 1981, Emmett, Gem County ID
    m. Clyde Jefferson Ford, 20 FEB 1920, Caldwell, Canyon County ID
John Martin Earner (teacher)
    b. 3 JUN 1869, Minonk, IL; d. 21 DEC 1929, Canyon County ID
Irene Mero
    b. about 1901, Wisconsin; dau of Herbert Edwin Mero, b. 6 APR 1878, Wisconsin
Alta Fay Buffington (Healy)
    b. 7 AUG 1901, Caldwell, Canyon County ID; d. 25 MAY 1994, Dallesport, Klickitat County WA
    m. Frank Healy, b. 6 JUN 1893, Salt Lake, Salt Lake County UT; d. 23 JAN 1972, Dalles, Dalles County OR
Ernest Guy Buffington (I think.)
    b. 24 MAY 1907, Caldwell, Canyon County ID; d. 13 NOV 1973, Caldwell, Canyon County ID
Agnes Mary Buffington (Wilson)
    b. 13 APR 1904, Dixie, Canyon County ID; d. 5 JAN 1993, Kuna, Ada County ID
Nellie Mero
    b. about 1902, Wisconsin;; dau of Herbert Edwin Mero, b. 6 APR 1878, Wisconsin


Susie McCoy (Ode)
Hazel Benson (Chase)
Edna Wolcott (Phillips)
Helma Johanna Alexanderson
    b. 6 MAR 1899, Eureka, Humboldt County CA; d. 23 NOV 1976, Boise, Ada County ID
    m. Charles Leroy Larson, 1 MAY 1920, ID
Lola Bowman (Davidson)
    b. 1898, Dixie, Canyon County ID; d. 5 MAR 1992, Boise, Ada County ID
Minnie Bowman (Sayre)
    b. 26 JAN 1895, Caldwell, Canyon County ID; d. Unknown
    m. Lewis Sayre, 6 MAR 1915, Caldwell, Canyon County ID
Ella? Mary? McCoy
Clara Smith
Gladys Benson (Martin)
Pearl Marrs


Charley Smith
Franklin Thomas Buffington
    b. 11 DEC 1898, Caldwell, Canyon County ID; d. 30 SEP 1958, Wilder, Canyon County ID
Ira Huston Marrs
    b. 6 MAY 1899; d. MAR 1971, Auburn, King County WA
Leon Wolcott
Harold Wolcott (deceased)
Marion Joseph Buffington
    b. 10 JUL 1897, Caldwell, Canyon County ID; d. 9 MAY 1955, Grofins, Clearwater County ID
    m. Clara Luella Ford, 28 AUG 1920, Caldwell, Canyon County ID

Photograph and information contributed by: Teresa Stewart Sitz

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