Riverside Ferry, July 4th, 1900

Parma Picnic

  Starting in the lower right and going counterclockwise:
Massie McConnell
Letha Hatch
Grace Paine
Edith Parrish-Thorp (leaning against the tree)
Ben Murray
Alfred Stout
Will Parish
Emma Schults (over Alfred Stout's left shoulder)
Myrtle Stark-Hatch
Harvey Hatch
Mary Allen-Leish
Harry Rees
Clara Paine Cassie
Otto Marquess (with flag)
Mart Carlyle (taking a bite)
Fred McConnell
Daisy McConnell
Mervin McConnell

Second Column: (see below)
Sam Tate
Jay Leish
Lissie Carlyle
Tate, photographer

photo back with names

Courtesy of Merv McConnel. See McConnel Homesteads for McConnel family history.

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