Oregon Shortline Depot, Nampa


"Designed by architect F. W. Clark out of Omaha, Neb., Nampa's train depot is one of a kind- unlike other depots in the region," Wendy Miller, Canyon County Historical Society, said. "They got the architect to design it in a particular way, but they when they built the other depots in the area, they went with a stock plan,' she explained. 'It's just a really unique building. It has a combination of several different kinds of architectural features, and we don't think there's another one exactly like it. . . . It's a train station from the 1903 era, so you have the men's waiting room on one side and the women and children's waiting room on the other."

"When the depot was scheduled to be demolished in 1972, a group of concerned citizens under the leadership of the Rotary Club organized the Canyon County Historical Society to rally support for saving the unique historical building. Union Pacific eventually donated the building and Historical Society opened the museum in 1976" -- interview in Idaho Press Tribune, Sunday, March 25, 2012

See Canyon County Historical Society & Museum website.

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